Daily Five Jul 13 2017

Daily Five Jul 13 2017

1. Tips/Tricks

Good book: Challenge and Strategy: Rethinking India’s Foreign Policy

2. Prelims Questions

1. Artificial intelligence can help in which of the following areas?
a. visual perception
b. speech recognition
c. translation between languages
d. All the above
(For mains, question would be like explain the uses of AI)

2. Which of the following is incorrectly matched
1. India-Pakistan: Radcliffe Line
2. India-China: Mac Mohan Line
3. India-Afghanistan: Durand line
Choose the correct option
a. 1 and 3
b. Only 2
c. Only 3
d. 2 and 3
1. D
2. C

3. QuickBytes (Use these quotes/figures/facts in your Mains Exam)

The Prime Minister urged the young officers to interact freely with the senior officers of the Central government over the next three months, so that the system could benefit from the combination of their energy and fresh ideas, and administrative experience of Secretary-level officers.

4. RAG topics

A. Globalisation and its effects (GS-1)
B. Issues related to direct and indirect farm subsidies and MSP (GS-3)

5. Today’s Mains Questions

1. India would not necessarily have the same opportunities that countries like South Korea or China enjoyed of becoming a developed economy by being part of a global value chain.
{Answer Indicator: Explain is key word — write how or why something happened and Give meaning to the Idea.
1. Give an account of Globalisation burst Used by China and South Korea.
2. How different the situation for India is.}

2.” Our Country first ” mentality cannot be described only in terms of loss of jobs through imports and multinational companies, but also the transmission and blending of ideas, lifestyles, cultures and phobias communicated by the internet. Substantiate.

{Ans. indicator: substantiate – Establish the given topic with competent evidences.
1. Explain how Internet has given rise to “Global consciousness” which in turn effected peoples’ sensitivity}

3. “Minimum support prices” is a form of market intervention by the GoI to insure agricultural procedure against any shortfall in the prices. Discuss the problems with current MSP policy and its related issues. Can mere increase in MSP solve present agrarian crisis?

{Ans. Indicator — Discuss: explain topic or concept and then detail through supporting evidences, put forward various point of view.
1. MSP, who recommend, crops under MSP
2, discuss problems with MSP policy, credit flow issues, what should do}

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