Daily Five Mar 03 2017

Daily Five Mar 03 2017

Date: 03/03/2017
1. Today’s Tips/Tricks
2. Today’s Prelims Questions
3. Today’s QuickBytes
4. Today’s RAG topics
5. Today’s Mains Questions

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1. Today’s Tips/Tricks

Practice underlining important lines in your answers. This will make your answers more readable.

2. Today’s Prelims Questions

1. Which of the following is true about Kurukh language
1. This language is mainly spoken by tribal community.
2. It belongs to Austro-asiatic family.
3. No Indian states have given official status to this language yet.

Choose the correct option
a. 1 and 2
b. 1 only
c. 1 and 3
d. 1,2,3

2. LiDAR frequently in news is a
a. Cyber Security cell of Europe
b. technology used in autonomous cars
c. name of supercomputer
d. gene editing method
1. b
Kurukh is a tribal tongue that belongs to the Dravidian family.
Kurukh gets official language status in West Bengal


3. Today’s QuickBytes (Use these quotes/figures/facts in your Mains Exam)

Lidar is a radar-like system that uses lasers instead of radio waves to build a 3-D image of the surrounding landscape.

4. Today’s RAG topics

1. Solar panel and WTO disputes
2. Competition Commission of India (CCI)

5. Today’s Mains Questions

1. India and the U.S. have been filing a number of disputes against each other, challenging the other’s domestic content requirement in the renewable energy sector. Explain the issues regarding the same.

2. An autonomous and professional Competition Commission of India (CCI) will stop privatissation leading to oligarchy. Elaborate

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