Daily Five Mar 24 2017

Daily Five Mar 24 2017

Date: 24/03/2017
Prelims Questions
RAG topics
Mains Questions
All the below notes will also be updated in the ARISE IAS RAG List for systematic revision.
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Follow the formula of “Back to basics”. Whenever you read any newspaper article, go back to basics. Lets say you are reading some article on patents, refersh your basics about patents like difference between patent, copyright etc, patent policy in India, recent judgements, TRIPS etc.

Prelims Questions

1. Nirmaya scheme is a related to
a. Education
b. Rehabilitation
c. Employment
d. Social security

2. Fund of Funds for startups (FFS) is managed and operated by
1. SBI
4. NITI Aayog
1. D
Nirmaya scheme is an affordable Health Insurance to PwDs.

2. B
The FFS is being managed and operated by Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI).
The Union Cabinet has approved proposals to tweak Fund of Funds of Start-ups (FFS) rules to enable greater flow of resources. FFS was established in June 2016 with a corpus of Rs. 1,000 crores.
Alternate Investment Funds (AIFs) supported by FFS shall invest at least twice the amount of contribution received from FFS in Start-ups.

QuickBytes (Use these quotes/figures/facts in your Mains Exam)

The difference between patents and copyrights is the type of intellectual property that they protect from being exploited without their permission.Patents refer to an invention, whereas copyrights refer to the expression of an idea, such as an artistic work. Unlike patents and copyrights, trademarks do not expire after a set term of years. A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others.
(Note this question was asked in UPSC before)

RAG topics

1. Money Bill and Rajya Sabha
2. Unexplored potential of property tax

Mains Questions

1. In recent times, finance bill has become a grab bag of legislations. Discuss its impact on our legislation process.
2. Urban local bodies have new mandates concerning economic development. Analyse the challenges and suggest the improvements in the current system.

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