Daily Newspaper article’s summary 2018-08-09

Daily Newspaper article’s summary 2018-08-09

Summary of Newspaper artciles from ‘The Hindu’, ‘Economic Times’ and PIB
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Dissent & diplomacy: on the Saudi-Canada spat:
1.Saudi Arabia’s furious response to Canada’s criticism of the arrest of rights activists in the Kingdom once again calls into question Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s professed commitment to reform.
2.Since then, Saudi Arabia has allowed women to drive, cracked down on hardliners among the clergy and projected itself as a moderate Islamic country that respects people’s rights, compared to “extremist Iran”.
3.He is also obliquely critical of the guardianship laws, saying they did not exist in Saudi Arabia before 1979 — the year of the Iranian revolution and the siege of the Grand Mosque at Mecca.

Welcome clouds: an optimistic monsoon forecast:
1.At the end of two months the total rainfall has met the criteria for ‘normality,’ although there are wide variations in the patterns of showers, leaving some districts hit by drought as others face floods.
2.Scientists contend that the alluvial soil of the northern States benefit more from slow precipitation, while the hard-rock geography of the south needs heavy showers for groundwater recharge.
3.The IMD has issued a “normal” outlook for August, which is encouraging, and there are signs of fresh monsoon activity in Odisha, south Chhattisgarh, north coastal Andhra Pradesh and parts of Telangana.

Going by the numbers:
1.A little over a year after the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rollout , the revenue collections from the new indirect regime are at the centre of a debate.
2.Insecure over loss of fiscal autonomy, the States succeeded in pressing a GST that is made of two types of levies, the CGST and the SGST.
3.The Modi government has consulted Mr. Kelkar on the GST, but has not accepted his recommendations on an alternative IGST system compliant with global norms.

Decoding the DNA Bill:
1.The Home Ministry circulated a set of guidelines to States in July on how to search crime scenes and collect, store and transport DNA samples in criminal cases.
2.Provisions which give the government or the Bboard the power to amend aspects of the safeguards in the Bill, and to avoid accountability in court, should be deleted.
3.To maintain trust in the system, people should not be concerned that non-paternity might be revealed if they offer to assist a criminal investigation, or are accused (perhaps falsely) of a crime.

New leader, same rules:
1.A key reason for the military’s hostility towards former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was that he attempted to deviate from the military’s prescriptions on security issues.
2.However, to ensure his compliance with the GHQ’s wishes, the military brass made sure that his party did not receive a clear majority of seats in the new parliament.
3.The GHQ can always pull the plug on him by ordering these elements to withdraw support if he veers from the course set for him on relations with India.

What is fine-tuned universe in physics?:
1.This refers to the view that the physical conditions prevailing in the universe are fine-tuned in such a way that it helps sustain various forms of life.
2.The belief that the universe is fine-tuned for life has been used as an argument in favour of the creationist view that only the presence of a supernatural being can explain the universe being intelligently designed to sustain life.
3.GOPlease enter a valid email address.

Reforming the civil services:
1.The question often raised, in this context, is whether the higher bureaucracy is equipped to comprehend complex economic and technical issues in order to properly aid and advise the Minister.
2.Admittedly, concerted efforts should be made to help IAS officers, after their first decade of “immersion” in districts, acquire specialisation in broad sectors like social, infrastructure and financial, based on their qualification, aptitude and preference.
3.The lateral entry scheme, if implemented properly, may foster more competitive spirit, break the complacency of the higher civil servants and eventually prove to be a pioneering initiative in public interest.

An Article on J&K:
1.People display placards and wave black flags during a protest against the petitions in the Supreme court challenging the validity of Article 35 A, in Srinagar.
2.Over 60 years after the Article came into existence, the Supreme Court has decided to go into the question whether the provision violates the Basic Structure of the Constitution.
3.If referred, the Constitution Bench would look into questions like whether the President acted outside his jurisdiction or whether the fact of non-consultation with the Parliament renders the Article invalid.

Remembering Karunanidhi’s wit:
1.Despite his close proximity to many national leaders, Karunanidhi chose to remain in Tamil Nadu; he was content with State politics.
2.Once, he was sitting in the front row at a function to mark the release of the digitised album of the film Parasakthi, for which he had penned the dialogues.
3.The organiser of the function, former Minister Parithi Ilavmvazhuthi, requested him to move to a seat in the centre of the row.

Contemplating no Brexit:
1.A second referendum, latest opinion polls indicate, could lead not just to a soft Brexit, but possibly to a dropping of the idea of quitting the EU altogether.
2.Now in her nineties, she wistfully recalled how, along with others, she went to Germany in 1946 to help its people cope with the disaster of defeat, vowing that such a conflict should never be allowed to recur, and that the solution lay in Europe pulling together.
3.With great prescience he successfully cast India as a union — not as a federation — of States with a strong Centre, enabling us to hold together.

What is ‘Lamarckian inheritance’ in biology?:
1.This refers to the hypothesis that an organism can pass on the different characteristics that it acquired during its own lifetime to its offspring.
2.It is argued that the various changes that happen to the body of an organism in order to enable it to adapt to changes in its environment can actually be passed on to its offspring.
3.The Lamarckian inheritance of acquired characteristics, apart from Darwin’s famous theory of natural selection, has been used to explain the natural process of evolution of species.

The last anchor: the legacy of M. Karunanidhi:
1.Ramasamy recognised their young protégé’s talent for firing up people through his mastery of Tamil and his fearlessness in pushing back on hegemonic Brahminism, to the later years when after his meteoric rise to Chief Ministership of the State, he was noticed on the national stage for his brilliance as a party organiser, Karunanidhi’s identity was inseparable from his party’s for half a century.
2.His most drastic compromise came in 1999, when he entered into an alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which stood for everything that the radical phase of Dravidianism militated against: Hindu nationalism, North India-based political vision, Hindi roots and hegemony of upper castes.
3.The long list here would include the bumbling approach to the Jallikattu and Sterlite protests, mismanagement of water resources resulting in floods in Chennai and periodic drought-like conditions elsewhere, disparate crises facing sectors such as sand and electric power, and the cloud of collective uncertainty that all of these vagaries engender, putting a question mark on the economic future of Tamil Nadu.

End of an epoch: on M. Karunanidhi’s death:
1.But militancy is no solution… Secession will never be countenanced by Sri Lanka… And it will never be given up by Prabhakaran… We grope in the dark.” And then doing a fast-forward: “Yet, we have to keep trying for our Tamil kin’s urimai (rights) there.” The insights continued for some 10 more minutes and then he rose to conclude the call, saying, as if in a summing-up: “Prabhakaran will never have a change of heart.” As I thanked him and prepared to leave, he gave the advice I started this tribute with, very softly, “ Jakkirathaiya irunga .”
2.But the one I got at Gopalapuram that afternoon covered every facet of the Sri Lankan scene in brief sentences, replete with historical, geopolitical and diplomatic nuances, topped with an intuitive sense of urimai being the long-shot aim and jakkirithai an immediate concern.
3.On it — all generations of it — falls the privilege and the challenge now to stay and work together, to take the legacy of this extraordinary statesman further afield and make it a force for Tamil Nadu’s redemption from localism, myopia and the power of floating cash.

Only 0.35% of I-T returns filed last year to be scrutinised: CBDT:
1.Chandra said less number of cases being picked up for scrutiny means that the tax department has full faith on people.
2.The tax authorities have filed 4,700 cases for prosecution last year on the basis of data with the department, he added.
3.Based on the data with us, we are taking enforcement action to instill some fear in the mind of tax evaders,” Chandra added.

Tea plantations express concern over three-day strike called by trade unions:
1.The Consultative Committee of Plantations Association (CCPA) on Thursday expressed concern on the three-day strike from August 7 in West Bengal tea gardens called by the Joint Forum of Trade Unions demanding immediate finalization of minimum wage .
2.The tea Industry in North Bengal’s Dooars and Terai regions have already suffered substantial production losses during peak season this year due to frequent gate meetings in the first two weeks of July.
3.Moreover, disruptions by way of Strikes and Gate meetings would aggravate the situation further and make it extremely difficult for the industry to recover on the production front as well as in sustaining the expected quality of Tea made and obligations of payments in future.

Cooperation in developing atomic energy:
1.Cooperation in developing atomic energy India is recognized globally as a nation with advanced nuclear technologies.
2.Siting, Design, Construction, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance and waste management of nuclear power plants.
3.This information was provided by the Union Minister of State (Independent Charge)Development of North-Eastern Region (DoNER), MoS PMO, Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh in written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha today.

Project “SWAYAM” of HRD Ministry provides one integrated platform and portal for online courses:
1.Project “SWAYAM” of HRD Ministry provides one integrated platform and portal for online courses The Ministry of HRD has embarked on a major and new initiative Project called ‘Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds’ (SWAYAM), which will provide one integrated platform and portal for online courses.
2.The objective is to ensure that the every student in our country has access to the best quality higher education at the affordable cost.
3.This information was given by the Minister of State (HRD), Dr. Satya Pal Singh today in a written reply to a Rajya Sabha question.

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