Daily Newspaper article’s summary 2018-09-05

Daily Newspaper article’s summary 2018-09-05

Summary of Newspaper artciles from ‘The Hindu’, ‘Economic Times’ and PIB
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Sooner, not later: on Telangana Assembly polls:
1.The Trinamool leader and West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, warmed to the idea of a grouping of regional parties, but didn’t share his view on keeping the Congress out of an anti-BJP alliance.
2.At the TRS public rally held after a meeting of the Cabinet on an early election, the running theme of the Telangana Chief Minister was an exhortation to his supporters not to be slaves of the “Delhi parties”.
3.Of course, even if he recommends the dissolution of the Assembly, there is no guarantee that the Election Commission will oblige him and hold the polls along with those of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Mizoram by the end of the year.

The last battle: on the Idlib crisis:
1.The large-scale mobilisation of troops by the Syrian government and its allies around the northwestern Idlib province, the last major opposition-held enclave, has led to speculation about an imminent attack as well as calls to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.
2.Abu Mohammad al-Golani, the former al-Qaeda leader who commands Tahrir, has said his group is prepared for war and warned rebels against any surrender deal with the regime.
3.Besides, unlike Aleppo or Eastern Ghouta, territories which the regime recaptured using brute force, Turkey is deeply involved in Idlib.

Addressing soil loss:
1.As the rains abate in Kerala and parts of Kodagu district in Karnataka, the loss of lives and the devastation of infrastructure and crops is apparent.
2.In the case of Kerala and Kodagu, the undulation and force of the water would have led to severe soil and land erosion, says Rajendra Hegde, Principal Scientist of NBSS&LUP in Bengaluru.
3.However, in south and central India, floods wash away rich, weathered soil, which are deposited in reservoirs or as sand bars along the river bed or in the sea.

On a shrinking ‘island’ called Majuli:
1.But Majuli has often been viewed emotionally from the perspective of the people of Jorhat district on the southern bank, and for them it is a nodidwip (river island) whose nearest popular jetty, Kamalabari, is an hour’s ride from Neamatighat on a ferry.
2.There have been the odd trips in between for cultural pieces; Majuli is the epicentre of the classical Sattriya dance and Bhaona (musical plays soaked in spiritualism) that evolved from the satras or monasteries adhering to the Vaishnavism that the 16th century saint-reformer-playwright Srimanta Sankardeva had established.
3.Poor data speed often makes it impossible to send stories and photos, and I learnt it the hard way while covering Mr. Sonowal’s campaign.

‘Drugs are not sweets’:
1.The details of the story of a metallic medical device gone awry are well reported — debilitating a number of patients, and leaving them with excruciating pain, disability and, in some alleged cases, even death.
2.Commonly called the “Articular Surface Replacement or ASR hip implant”, this device soon turned toxic, owing to the release of metal debris, resulting in inflammation, tissue damage and profound pain.
3.Taking note of the fact that the defendant was a reckless violator of drug safety norms, the court issued a stern warning that could well apply on all fours to the controversy at hand: “Drugs are not sweets.

Routes to Afghanistan: on 2+2 talks:
1.However, the U.S. has itself entered into direct engagement with the same delegation led by “political chief” Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, a UN-sanctioned former Minister in the Taliban government, when Ms. Wells went to Qatar, making U.S. disavowal of the Moscow process seem more churlish than principled.
2.While the current crop of Small Development Projects launched in 2016, encompassing drinking water plans for several cities including Kabul, supply of buses, construction of low-cost housing, and assistance in health and education are important, India’s regional status demands more.
3.Lastly, the government must realise that its consistent undermining of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) because of problems with Pakistan is also weakening Afghanistan’s engagement with the subcontinent, which India had worked hard to foster.

Finance Ministry simplifies GST refund claim process for businesses:
1.Easing compliance burden for businesses, the Finance Ministry has said GST refunds can be claimed by simply submitting a printout of ‘ GSTR-2A ‘ form to tax authorities instead of giving all purchase invoices of a month.
2.”The proper officer shall rely upon form GSTR-2A as an evidence of the account of the supply by the corresponding supplier in relation to which the input tax credit has been availed by the claimant.
3.In the clarification to Principal Chief Commissioners, the GST Policy Wing in the Ministry said the proper officer shall not insist on the submission of an invoice (either original or duplicate) the details of which are present in GSTR-2A of the relevant period submitted by the claimant.

Member of RBI’s rate-setting panel questions GDP growth numbers:
1.The Reserve Bank of India has maintained its full-year growth forecast at 7.4 percent, while flagging risks from high oil prices and trade tensions turning into a currency war.
2.The new gross domestic product series has mostly replaced the Annual Survey of Industries with corporate financial data for estimating manufacturing value added, according to an article Ravindra Dholakia, a member of the Monetary Policy Committee , co-authored with R. Nagaraj and Manish Pandya in the latest edition of the Economic and Political Weekly.
3.Higher manufacturing growth rate gives “rise to serious doubts about the veracity of new estimates” and is at “variance with other macroeconomic correlates,” wrote Dholakia, an external member on the monetary policy committee and a management professor.

Shri Hardeep Puri releases Schedule of Rates 2018 for new technologies and First Q R Code of CPWD.:
1.Dwelling on the rapid strides in country’s progress, Shri Puri said that our country is having the distinction of fastest growing economy in the world and going through a major phase of industrialization and modernization with a flood of construction and infrastructure projects.
2.The Minister also advocated the need to look beyond conventional construction practices of energy intensive building materials based on natural resources, emerging technologies, which not only brought speed & quality but are safe and durable, thereby leading towards sustainable development.
3.The Director General of CPWD, Shri Prabhakar Singh, in his opening remarks, said the Department is moving towards the path of transformation, innovation, delivery and image building in a mission mode.

Final Round of “Pitch to MOVE”, A Mobility Pitch competition for budding start-up:
1.Organized by NITI Aayog in collaboration with Invest India and Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), the final round featured 32 start ups panning across different fields of mobility, who pitched their ideas in front of a Jury of Industry experts and Venture Capitalists.
2.In the Ideation stage, Journee, An android based ticketing solution were the winners and TieTran Cycleloop, a solar powered E-bike mobility system were the runners up.
3.Pitch to MOVE aims to identify and incentivise the start-ups, which will help the Government realize its vision of Shared, Connected, Intermodal and Environment Friendly Mobility for India.

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