Daily Newspaper article’s summary 2018-10-03

Daily Newspaper article’s summary 2018-10-03

Summary of Newspaper artciles from ‘The Hindu’, ‘Economic Times’ and PIB
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Pawar games — on defending Modi on Rafale:
1.If Maharashtra often appears to be on the cusp of a political realignment, it is in no small part due to the posturing and shadow boxing of the old warhorse, Sharad Pawar of the Nationalist Congress Party.
2.After the two parties contested the Assembly election separately, and the BJP emerged stronger than the Sena for the first time, the 2014 electoral understanding for the Lok Sabha seats is unlikely to hold for 2019.
3.With the mantle of leadership in the Congress passing to Rahul Gandhi, many of the leaders of the allied parties, from an older generation, Mr. Pawar among them, have to deal with changed comfort levels.

The new deals — on U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement:
1.The new labour regulations and rules of origin will add to the cost of production of goods such as cars, thus making them uncompetitive in the global market.
2.Announcing the USMCA, Mr. Trump signalled he would now extend his ‘all or nothing’ approach to resetting trade ties with the European Union, China, Japan and India.
3.In dealing with an emboldened Trump administration, India’s trade negotiators will now have their task cut out if they want to protect exporters’ access to one of the country’s largest markets for its services and merchandise.

Price confusion:
1.This refers to the confusion caused among economic actors due to unpredictability in the rate of price inflation.
2.Prices in any economy act as signals to coordinate economic activity.
3.This can confuse businessmen as to the extent to which the rise in the price of any good is purely due to a drop in its supply.

False association:
1.Wahhabism, which represents a rigid, exclusivist, virulently anti-Sufi form of Islam that allows its adherents to proclaim other Muslims as ‘unbelievers’, is in stark contrast to the original Deobandi perspective.
2.He and other leading ulama of Deoband believed that there was no contradiction between sharia (Islamic jurisprudence) and tariqa (the mystical path to God) and that the two need to be combined to reach haqiqa (ultimate truth).
3.Further, except for a small breakaway faction, the luminaries of Deoband vehemently opposed the Muslim League’s demand for Pakistan and enthusiastically participated in the movement for a united, free India.

The view from the Andamans:
1.Mobile connectivity is patchy, rains are unpredictable and battered roads seem to mimic the stormy seas surrounding the isles.
2.On a long, overnight ferry ride from Mayabunder in Middle Andaman to Port Blair in the south, a resident had numerous questions, particularly on trains.
3.People sit on top and hang out of the windows?” After I explained that things have improved, he asked: “Are dacoits and gangs still on the prowl?” The question perhaps arose from old Hindi blockbusters popular in the isles.

A flight path with obstacles:
1.The drone takes a large number of images, which when fed into a computer model with data on soil condition, weather, time of the year and other information helps analyse which plants are deficient in nitrogen, enabling farmers to add corrective fertilizer only where necessary.
2.While the rest of the world has been soaring ahead in making the futuristic promise of unmanned flying vehicles a more immediate reality, India has largely been dragging its feet.
3.The paranoia kicks in from the micro category, starting with the application for a unique identification number (UIN) for each drone, with a long list of documentation including security clearances from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in several cases.

In the court of last resort:
1.Subsequently, however, it was reported that the court had approved an entirely new method of ascertaining citizenship, known as the “Family Tree Verification”, on the basis of a behind-closed-door power-point presentation made to it by the State Coordinator.
2.But as it was also reported, for instance not only did people from the hinterlands have little awareness about this method, but putting together a family tree (in the unique sense in which it is being used in this case) was a big challenge especially for women.
3.An exercise in which the court decides – in secret consultation with the State Coordinator – makes a mockery of both open justice, and judicial review.

Suresh Prabhu to chair inter-ministerial meet on rupee, trade deficit tomorrow:
1.Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu will chair an inter-ministerial meeting Thursday to discuss the depreciating rupee and widening trade deficit, an official said.
2.The meeting will deliberate upon ways to address India ‘s trade deficit in goods and pressure on the rupee, the official added.
3.Besides having impact on current account deficit, the sliding rupee has made imports costlier and led to oil prices skyrocketing to record highs.

Tax collections in India raise doubts on lower borrowing plan:
1.The optimism spurred by the government’s decision to cut its borrowing plan proved fleeting as tax collections failed to meet the target for a fifth straight month.
2.Sovereign debt in India have been battered by a tumbling currency and rising prices of oil, the nation’s top import, with the yield on 10-year bond reaching a four-year high of 8.23 percent last month.
3.The RBI’s announcement of $5 billion of bond purchases in October and the government’s truncated borrowing plan provided some respite on Monday.

Assistive Aids and Appliances distributed to Senior Citizens Under 58th Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana Camp:
1.A Distribution camp for free of cost distribution of Aids and Assistive Living devises under Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana (RVY), a scheme of Social Justice & Empowerment Department for Senior Citizen under BPL category, was organized at S. K Mohit Hall, Jhilmil Industrial Aera in East Delhi toady by Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO), a PSU working under the aegis of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in close association with District Administration,East Delhi.
2.The distribution camp function was presided over by Shri Mahesh Giri, the Member of Parliament, East Delhi.
3.Identified beneficiaries were registered during the assessment camp conducted by ALIMCO at various locations of East Delhi district in the month of February 2018.

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi  reviews preparations of Haj 2019:
1.Elimination of middlemen and 100 percent online and transparent system ensured that even after removal of Haj subsidy, there was no unnecessary financial burden on pilgrims.
2.For the first time after the Independence, a record number of 1,75,025 Muslims from India performed Haj this year and that too without any subsidy.
3.Shri Naqvi thanked the Saudi Arabia Government and other concerned agencies in India for successful and smooth Haj 2018.

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