Daily Newspaper article’s summary 2018-10-11

Daily Newspaper article’s summary 2018-10-11

Summary of Newspaper artciles from ‘The Hindu’, ‘Economic Times’ and PIB
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Deadly roads in India:
1.It expresses concern at the large number of people who die every year and the thousands who are crippled in accidents, but the remedies it highlights are weak, incremental and unlikely to bring about a transformation.
2.The Centre has watered down the national bus body standards code in spite of a commitment given to the Supreme Court, by requiring only self-certification by the builders.
3.The Road Safety Councils at the all-India and State levels have simply not been able to change the dismal record, and the police forces lack the training and motivation for professional enforcement.

Draconian move: the arrest of ‘Nakkheeran’ Gopal:
1.Gopal, Editor of the Tamil magazine Nakkheeran , Chennai, on a trumped-up charge under a rarely used section of the Indian Penal Code is an extraordinary instance of abuse of power.
2.It is plain as day that it was never intended to cover writing articles but rather cases where these functionaries are prevented from exercising their power though criminal force, attempts to overawe, or wrongful restraint.
3.In an environment where the lower judiciary reflexively signs remand orders, the Metropolitan Magistrate in Chennai must be commended for realising the absurdity of the prosecution’s case and declining to jail Mr. Gopal.

Next steps after the 377 judgment:
1.Incidentally, Section 498A was diluted by the Supreme Court last year, making it more difficult for women to utilise the one law that had some teeth in deterring husbands from causing harm to their wives.
2.The court mandated that no arrests or coercive action based on the law should be carried out until “family welfare committees” had looked into a case under Section 498A, and reconciliation centres had made an effort to resolve the couple’s differences.
3.We fully agree with this sentiment and urge both the political class and the court to give married women full restitution of their rights under the Constitution by making marital rape a heinous crime.

Teaming up with Tokyo:
1.Not only has Japanese development aid produced demonstrable results on the ground, Tokyo’s insistence on transparency has generated enormous trust.
2.While Tokyo is willing to work with Beijing on overseas infrastructure projects, New Delhi has expressed reservations about its ‘Quadrilateral’ partners (the U.S., Japan and Australia) resorting to China-containment tactics.
3.In the wake of growing challenges in the maritime domain, New Delhi knows that operational synergy with Tokyo is a strategic imperative.

What is ‘Long tail’ in Business?:
1.This refers to a strategy through which businesses can maximise their revenue and profitability by selling a large variety of low-volume but high-value niche products instead of just a few varieties of high-volume but low-value mainstream products.
2.The idea was popularised by British journalist Chris Anderson through his 2006 book The Long Tail .
3.Anderson argued that due to the fall in distribution and other costs associated with traditional retail after the rise of the Internet, the modern marketplace is transforming rapidly from a place for mass products to one where there are numerous niche products.

All you need to know about lion deaths at Gir:
1.As the CDV is transmitted by airborne route as well as infected body secretions, healthy lions from the Gir forest ought to be shifted to an alternative suitable location.
2.In 2013, the Supreme Court had called for shifting of some lions from Gujarat to Madhya Pradesh to “to save [them] from extinction, due to catastrophes like epidemic”.
3.Wildlife experts say vaccination is a bad idea as it could introduce new complications to the immune systems of the wild lions and make them vulnerable to unknown viruses.

The power of non-alignment:
1.Despite all its blemishes, the NAM and the Afro-Asian grouping acted as a limited soft balancing mechanism by attempting to delegitimise the threatening behaviour of the superpowers, particularly through their activism at the UN and other forums such as the Eighteen Nation Committee on Disarmament, as well as through resolutions.
2.As the great powers are once again launching a new round of nuclear arms race and territorial expansion and militarisation of the oceans, a renewed activism by leading global south countries may be necessary to delegitimise their imperial ventures, even if they do not succeed immediately.
3.If the present trends continue, a military conflict in the South China Sea is likely and the naval competition will take another decade or so to become intense, as happened in earlier periods between Germany and the U.K. (early 1900s), and Japan and the U.S. (1920s and 1930s).

The meat in AAP’s sandwich politics:
1.The government’s recent decision to conduct a pan-Delhi socio-economic survey, which aims to map benefits of social security schemes with beneficiaries, to mitigate exclusionary errors, is worth mentioning.
2.The launch of door-to door delivery of public services via ‘mobile sahayaks’ is another transformative move that will help minimise beneficiary inconvenience and petty corruption at government centres, and maximise efficiency and outreach.
3.The fundamental question that remains unanswered relates to whether these policies have any appeal for a middle and upper-class electorate, especially in an era of competitive party politics whose success rests on narrative-building through advertisements and campaigning.

Polls and polarisation politics:
1.While raising the issue of the NRC in a rally in Gangapur town in Sawai Madhopur, he said that ‘crores of illegal infiltrators’ have entered the country like ‘termites’ and should be ‘uprooted.’ He has been sticking to this theme in several speeches, warning for instance: “BJP sarkar ek-ek ghuspaithiye ko chun-chun kar matdata suchi se hatane ka kaam karegi (the BJP government will remove every infiltrator from the voters’ list).”
2.This Bill would permit Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh to be eligible for Indian citizenship, but not Muslims, and if passed would violate Article 14 guaranteeing equality before law.
3.Most of these incidents are perpetrated by vigilante militias and are the direct result of the communal atmosphere that the Hindu right has created, leaving little scope for recourse to justice against persons who commit these hate crimes.

Bulk tea growers likely to witness sizeable adverse impact on operating cost:
1.The trend in prices of teas in domestic auction centres remained a function of cropping patterns, combined with demand levels across quality grades.
2.“Healthy exports coupled with anticipated moderation in overall domestic production should support price levels thus alleviating the impact of the sharp increase in wages of North Indian producers.
3.ICRA notes that the trend in exports over the balance period of the season would have a sizeable impact on the overall performance of the domestic bulk tea players.

Strengthen prudential, provisioning norms of banks, says Bimal Jalan:
1.”It is equally important to continue with efforts to introduce maximum transparency, disclosure and accountability so that investors and counter parties to financial transactions can take their decisions based on full information and their own assessment of market and other risks,” he says in his book ” India Ahead 2025 and Beyond ” (Rupa).
2.Jalan, a former Finance Secretary and Chairman of the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister, says tighter and tougher prudential standards will no doubt cause some pain and impose greater responsibility on banks and other financial institutions .
3.In the light of the repeated financial crises during the past three decades, developing economies need to realise that there is an urgent need to examine the role of finance from a new, complex, interactive and systematic perspective, the book says.

Very severe cyclonic storm ‘Titli’ to move northwestwards for next 12 hours and then re-curve northeastwards towards Gangetic West Bengal across Odisha.:
1.Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Titli moved northwestwards and crossed north Andhra Pradesh – south Odisha coasts, near latitude 18.8°N and longitude 84.5°E (near Palasa, Srikakulam District) to the southwest of Gopalpur, as a Very Severe Cyclonic Storm with estimated maximum sustained surface wind speed of 140-150 kmph gusting to 165 kmph between 0430 and 0530 hours IST of today, the 11 th October 2018.
2.People advised to remain indoors during next six hours in the around 100 km from the centre of the Very Severe Cyclonic Storm over south Odisha .
3.It is very likely continue to be phenomenal over westcentral Arabian Sea till 13 th October 2018 morning and over adjoin areas of Gulf of Aden.

Education must inculcate values, morals & ethics: Vice President:
1.The Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu has stressed on the need to provide education that inculcates values, morals and ethics.
2.”It gives me great pleasure to be here amidst all of you on the momentous occasion of the convocation, the day that marks the successful culmination of the students’ journey in the prestigious Presidency College and their graduation.
3.It is encouraging to note that in the NIRF Ranking recently declared by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India, the Presidency College is placed in the fifth position.

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