Daily Newspaper article’s summary 2018-10-12

Daily Newspaper article’s summary 2018-10-12

Summary of Newspaper artciles from ‘The Hindu’, ‘Economic Times’ and PIB
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An economics fix:
1.To correct this problem, he recommended imposing appropriate carbon taxes to curb pollution that was detrimental to growth in the long run.
2.For one, it may often be impossible to arrive at an objective measure of the carbon tax rate or the ideal amount of pollution to allow in a developing economy.
3.Further, such decisions regarding the perfect carbon tax rate or the ideal subsidy allocation are likely to be determined by political considerations rather than simply pure economics.

1.The MeToo hashtag gained currency a year ago in the U.S. when women came out one after another to first corroborate allegations of sexual assault against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, with each further account making clear that there was a systemic pattern of abuse and silence.
2.Now that women are speaking up — picking up the stories where others have left them, making public suppressed memories, breaking free from the helplessness or a false sense of humiliation that kept them quiet for so long — there can be no looking away.
3.It must disturb us that a thread that binds so many allegations now coming out is that many women thought that their words and feelings would be dismissed, their careers would suffer, or their families would pull them back into the safety of home.

#MeToo: Not without her consent:
1.That the clamour for his resignation reached such a crescendo this week is indicative of the fact that the #MeToo movement has truly arrived in India and it will have an impact in not only making powerful men pay for their past mistakes but also etching a new behaviour code for everyone.
2.While the latest fire was lit by actor Tanushree Dutta’s accusation against Nana Patekar , the trend of naming perpetrators began last year when a list of men in academia who behaved inappropriately with colleagues and research associates went around.
3.These events, added to the daily news cycle of multiple rapes, stalking, and harassment from all across the country has resulted in victims of sexual crimes entirely losing faith in the justice system.

Next steps after the 377 judgment:
1.Incidentally, Section 498A was diluted by the Supreme Court last year, making it more difficult for women to utilise the one law that had some teeth in deterring husbands from causing harm to their wives.
2.The court mandated that no arrests or coercive action based on the law should be carried out until “family welfare committees” had looked into a case under Section 498A, and reconciliation centres had made an effort to resolve the couple’s differences.
3.We fully agree with this sentiment and urge both the political class and the court to give married women full restitution of their rights under the Constitution by making marital rape a heinous crime.

The great Indian abdication:
1.Parliament, instead of representing the highest democratic ethos, panders to electoral majorities, leaving it incapable of challenging barbaric social/religious practices enforced by dominant interests.
2.In this context, should the valuable time of the judiciary be spent in entertaining and delivering verdicts on Public Interest Litigations (PILs), seeking, to take a couple of instances, a ban on pornography or making the national anthem mandatory in cinema halls?
3.Overworked courts cannot become a one-stop solution for performing legislative/executive tasks such as banning fire crackers/loud speakers, enforcing seat belt/helmet wearing rules, or solving theological/civil society questions such as what the essence of Hinduism is or whether a mosque is integral for namaz (going beyond whether religious practices violate constitutional norms).

Mahindra Agri Solution enters 60:40 JV with Sumitomo Corporation for crop care business:
1.With a vision to Deliver FarmTech Prosperity, Mahindra Agri Solutions Ltd. closely interacts with farmers to improve their produce, quality and productivity by providing the latest advances in farm technologies and agricultural know how.
2.Seeds, Crop Care, Micro Irrigation Services backed by high quality advisory through Samriddhi outlets, Mahindra Agri Business has successfully helped Indian farmers increase their productivity over the years.
3.Having grown 12 fold in the last 6 years, Mahindra Agribusiness has become one of India’s largest grape exporters, launched its premium fresh fruit and dairy brand Saboro and has also established a ‘Farm to Fork’ presence across the Agri value chain.

India’s move to save the rupee will make these things costlier:
1.Since summers are over, the duty hike is not likely to lead to any substantial rise in the price of air conditioners.
2.This key input of the aviation industry will make flying costlier by increasing rate of tickets.
3.Ditto for miscellaneous items of plastics such as office stationery, fitting for furniture’s, decorative sheets, statuettes, beads and bangles.

India-Azerbaijan sign protocol on trade and economic, science and technology cooperation:
1.Suresh Prabhu and Mukhtar Babayev exchanging protocol on trade and economic, science and technology cooperation between India and Azerbaijan
2.They emphasised to further strengthen and expand their cooperation in trade and investment, transportation, energy and hydro-carbons, SMEs, agriculture, food safety and environmental protection, tourism, culture, health and pharmaceuticals, space technology, education and scientific research, chemicals and petrochemicals and mining.
3.Both sides agreed to convene the next meeting of the India-Azerbaijan Inter-Governmental Commission on Trade, Economic, Science and Technology co-operation in Baku.

Online portal for grant ofIndustrial Entrepreneurs’ Memorandum and Industrial Licence:
1.Online portal for grant ofIndustrial Entrepreneurs’ Memorandum and Industrial Licence Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion ( DIPP ) has developed a new online portal for facilitating filing of online applications forIndustrial Entrepreneurs’ Memorandum (IEM) and Industrial Licence (IL) under Arms Act as well as Industries (Development & Regulation)[I(D&R)] Act, 1951 at services.dipp.gov.in.
2.This portal will be available for public with effect from 16 th October 2018 for filing application and no applications shall be received through E-biz portal or in physical form either under I(D&R) Act or Arms Act 1959.
3.Press Information Bureau Government of IndiaMinistry of Commerce & Industry12-October-2018 16:39 IST

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