Daily Newspaper article’s summary 2018-10-26

Daily Newspaper article’s summary 2018-10-26

Summary of Newspaper artciles from ‘The Hindu’, ‘Economic Times’ and PIB
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Trial by voters: on AIADMK rebel MLAs disqualification:
1.But with the Madras High Court upholding the disqualification of 18 legislators for defection, Tamil Nadu appears set to witness elections to 20 seats, including two rendered vacant by the death of the members.
2.Indeed, the arithmetic of the numbers in the Assembly aside, the AIADMK would need to win a majority of the seats at stake in the byelections in order to keep its flock of MLAs together and fight off erosion in the wider support base.
3.With film stars Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth already preparing the ground to mount a challenge in the Assembly election, every additional share of the electoral pie will mean a lot for both Mr. Palaniswami and Mr. Stalin.

Think small: on Ganga rejunuvation:
1.conducted by the Centre for Science and Environment has now exposed broken links, of faecal sludge and septage being collected from household tanks and simply discharged into drains, open land and wetlands.
2.One immediate intervention needed is the creation of an inter-departmental task force to identify land to build small treatment systems for sludge, and to provide easily accessible solutions to houses that are currently discharging waste into open drains.
3.It is untenable that manual scavengers continue to be employed in violation of the law to clean septic tanks in some places, and caste factors play out in the recruitment of workers even in the mechanised operations.

#MeTooIndia: Will it change the way men behave?:
1.However, as a law enforcement officer, serving at a time when police organisations are rightly facing flak for not doing enough to ensure women’s safety, I have good reason to express a note of caution and concern.
2.However, our criminal justice system — the police, the forensic and medico-legal facilities, our prosecutorial agencies and our courts — has not been provided with sufficient additional resources to give teeth to the law.
3.By taking the conversation out of the realm of criminality, #MeToo has made visible misogynistic words and actions, and the spectre of an unequal, oppressive and sexist playing field.

Peddlers of hate:
1.Kalburgi’s recounting of Ananthamurthy’s anecdote was distorted by the local media, especially by a Kannada channel owned by a current BJP MP.
2.Participating in the first-year commemoration of Lankesh’s murder, playwright Girish Karnad, also named on the hit list, carried a placard around his neck that read: “Me Too Urban Naxal”.
3.Jawaharlal Nehru University student leader Umar Khalid, who was shot at in New Delhi on August 13 by two men, said: “The real culprits are those spokespersons of the ruling party and the prime time anchors and TV channels who have spread canards about me, branded me anti-national based on lies and virtually incited a lynch-mob against me.” What the media publishes or broadcasts has huge consequences.

What is cream skimming in business?:
1.This refers to a business practice where a company decides to serve only customers who can add a substantial amount of profits to the company’s bottom line.
2.While the practice has been criticised as discriminatory, some have argued that low-value customers may still be served by other profit-seeking firms.
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Driven by notions of purity and impurity:
1.While heated debates and discussions were expected after the Supreme Court’s Sabarimala judgment , what is unusual is the kind of public intervention made by Union Minister Smriti Irani in her widely reported speech in Mumbai.
2.While the RSS talks of a pan-Hindu unity, across castes and regions, the Sangh Parivar has always stood on the side of upper-caste orthodoxy, hurling stones, bricks and sticks at Dalits who dared to enter temples.
3.In contrast to the first statement of their all-India spokesperson welcoming the judgment, against their own history of linkages of social reform with the national movement, in Kerala today the Congress shamefully stands with the BJP and the RSS.

Our time begins now:
1.The 1.5° C report calls for societal transformation on a global scale that “reflect[s] the links, synergies and trade-offs between mitigation, adaptation and sustainable development.” Recent events, however, show that we cannot trade off forests, urban water bodies, riverine ecosystems, waste management or groundwater as these come back to bite us as floods, landslides, droughts and infectious disease.
2.Similarly, in a recent comment in Nature , Harini Nagendra points out that India has for long had strongly rooted cultural movements about living sustainably with land and its ecology that provide practical models.
3.In transport and urbanisation, the challenge is to create isotropic communities in the areas of the peri-urban, the rapidly expanding hinterland, which would have to be designed around not cars but walking, cycling and sustainable neighbourhood vehicles.

Commerce Ministry considering incentives for exporters:
1.The Commerce Ministry is working on a comprehensive strategy and considering incentives for exporters with a view to boost the country’s outbound shipments, a senior government official said on Friday.
2.He said the ministry has prepared a matrix of action plans for specific sectors, including engineering, gems and jewellery, chemicals, textiles and pharma, and issues pertaining to these areas are being taken up with the concerned departments.
3.”There are huge opportunities for exports in SAARC and ASEAN countries,” Prabhu said, adding India is working with the US to resolve all the pending issues to boost bilateral trade.

Govt wants RBI to bring down capital requirements and align with Basel III: Rajiv Kumar:
1.At present, minimum common equity (CET) Tier I ratio as prescribed by RBI stands at 5.5% as against 4.5% under Basel III norms.
2.According to an initial estimate presented by bankers to the government, if RBI relaxes the norms around Rs 6 lakh crore of lending can be achieved without any additional requirement for provisioning.
3.In September, after the annual performance review of public sector banks, finance minister Arun Jaitley had said that the bankers also had certain expectations, which they would consider.

PM addresses Krishi Kumbh in Lucknow, via video conference:
1.The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today addressed the Krishi Kumbh in Lucknow, via video conference.
2.The Prime Minister expressed confidence that this gathering of farmers would pave the way for new technology to be imbibed and better opportunities to be created in the agriculture sector.
3.The Prime Minister appreciated the State Government of Uttar Pradesh, for its efforts in augmenting substantially, the procurement of foodgrains.

Commerce Ministry Strategizing To Make Indian Exports More Competitive: Suresh Prabhu:
1.The Commerce Minister also said that the soon to be unveiled agri export policy will give a major boost to the agricultural sector and will pave the way for Indian farmer’s income to be doubled.
2.Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), AlokVardhanChaturvedi, spoke about the recent initiatives taken by the Commerce Ministry to smoothen procedures for exporters.
3.The DGFT is also in the process of overhauling the IT network of the DGFTso thatthere is no wastage of time for online submission of documents.

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