Developmental policies

Developmental policies

RAG Topics



  1. Restructured National Bamboo Mission 
  2. PM Fasal Bima Yojana


  1. Unified Agri Market


  1. Kisan TV

Industries & labour reforms
Previous year questions

  1. Keeping in view the informal sector’s share in the total workforce in the country, critically examine the relevant inclusive measures initiated by the Government of India and their effectiveness. (2012)
  2. List the main objective of the National Manufacturing Policy (NMP), 2011. (2012)

RAG Topics



  1. Labour reforms: Trade union strikes
  2. Model Shop & Establishment Bill, 2016


Previous year questions

  1. Though 100 percent FDI is already allowed in non-news media like a trade publication and general entertainment channel, the Government is mulling over the proposal for increased FDI in news media for quite some time. What difference would an increase in FDI make? Critically evaluate the pros and cons. (2014)

RAG Topics





Theory of development process
Previous year questions

  1. Professor Amartya Sen has advocated important reforms in the realms of primary education and primary health care. What are your suggestions to improve their status and performance? (2016)
  2. The Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach to sanitation. (2011)

RAG Topics



  1. Entitlement or development


  1. Rights based approach
  2. Sen-Bhagwati debate

Practice questions

  1. India should invest more in its social infrastructure to boost the productivity of its people and thereby raise growth, or first focus on growth that can yield enough resources for investing in social sector schemes?

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