Are you overwhelmed by the list of books, magazines, newspapers and websites that you need to read/follow to clear IAS exam? So are many UPSC candidates.

We have found a remedy to this malady which has infected all our UPSC aspirants.

Presenting “Arise IAS Mobile App”, which will give wings to your IAS preparation and take you to mussoorie in shortest time.

We at Arise IAS don’t believe UPSC as “Unpredictable Service Commission”. We will show you how easy it is to predict the most important topics for upcoming prelims or mains exam.

Arise IAS app includes

  • an intelligent segregation of previous year question papers (To help you understand how UPSC questions are framed)
  • Red-Amber-Green topics for the year (Proven strategy to secure your Mains Preparation)
  • a list of most probable questions (A set of UPSC grade mains questions for practice)
  • QuickBytes (Quotes/Facts/Figures to boost your mains marks)
  • Daily Prelims Test (High quality prelims questions for practice)
  • Smart news (For systematic and quick revision)
  • IAS Radio news
  • Motivation (To ensure your persistent preparation till goal is reached)
  • Free E-Books
  • And lots of cool stuff

Here at ARISE IAS, we use RAG (Red-Amber-Green) plus strategy.

What is RAG plus strategy?

RAG (Red-Amber-Green) plus strategy is a powerful strategy to clear the Civil Services Exam (CSE). 66% of questions in UPSC mains were predicted using R+ strategy.

RAG plus involves the following four parts:

  1. Topic wise segregation of previous year question papers to help students understand the demand of UPSC IAS exams.
  2. Breaking down the entire Prelims/Mains syllabus into important topics and continuously updating it based on current affairs news. Categorizing them as Red, Amber, Green. Framing small questions around them using 360 degree technique. Collecting sources/making notes on these topics.
  3. Making a list of important facts/quotes/figures related to these topics. They will be very useful in mains exam to boost your marks.
  4. A set for practice questions to improve the answer writing skills of the students. Every question will have model answers.

​Download the Arise IAS Android Mobile App now to demystify the IAS examination.


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