Government Budgeting

Government Budgeting

Government Budgeting
Previous year questions

  1. One of the intended objectives of Union Budget 2017-18 is to ‘transform, energize and clean India’. Analyse the measures proposed in the Budget 2017-18 to achieve the objective. (2017)
  2. Women empowerment in India needs gender budgeting. What are the requirements and status of gender budgeting in the Indian context? (2016)
  3. What are the reasons for introduction of Fiscal responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) act, 2003? Discuss critically its salient features and their effectiveness. (2013)
  4. What is meaning of the term tax-expenditure? Taking housing sector as an example, discuss how it influences budgetary policies of the government.(2013)
  5. Discussion the rationale for introducing Good and services tax in India. Bring out critically the reasons for delay in roll out for its regime.(2013)

RAG Topics



  1. Gender Budgeting
  2. Tax expenditure

Quick bytes

  1. Less than 3% of Indians pay income tax is automatically construed to imply that a large majority avoid paying income tax. only 24 lakh Indians reported an income greater than 10 lakh rupees.
  2. Important trick to learn taxes: DIRECT TAXES :- [Shortcut = “” ]We—wealth taxPro—property tax

    Pro—property tax

    In—–income tax

    INDIRECT TAXES :- [Shortcut = “excuse me” ]

    Ex——excise tax

    Cu——-custom tax

    Se——-service tax

    M——-market tax/vat

    E——–entertainment tax

Practice questions

  1. What are the advantages of completing Budget process before March?
  2. In recent times, finance bill has become a grab bag of legislations. Discuss its impact on our legislation process.

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