Infrastructure and Investment

Infrastructure and Investment

Previous year questions

  1. With growing energy needs should India keep on expanding its nuclear energy programme? Discuss the facts and fears associated with nuclear energy (2018)
  2. “Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy is the sine qua non to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”.Comment on the progress made in India in this regard. (2018)
  3. Give an account of the current status and the targets to be achieved pertaining to renewable energy sources in the country. Discuss in brief the importance of National Programme on Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). (2016)
  4. What do you understand by run of the river hydroelectricity project? How is it different from any other hydroelectricity project? (2013)

RAG Topics



  1. Decarbonisation of power sector
  2. Significance of Indo-china nuclear deal
  3. LNG


  1. Ujjwala scheme
  2. Ujala scheme
  3. Solar panel and WTO disputes


  1. Kudankulam nuclear power plant
  2. UDAY scheme

Quick bytes

  1. WEF Global Energy Architecture Performance Index “energy triangle” affordability, environmental sustainability, security and access.

Practice questions

  1. What is “decarbonisation” of power sector? How to decarbonise India’s energy systems?
  2. Discuss the recently announced Hydrocarbon Exploration & licensing Policy of government.
  3. India and the U.S. have been filing a number of disputes against each other, challenging the other’s domestic content requirement in the renewable energy sector. Explain the issues regarding the same

Previous year questions

  1. National urban transport policy emphasizes on moving people instead of moving vehicles. Discuss critically the success of various strategies of the government in this regard. (2014)

RAG Topics



Quick Bytes

  1. SAGAR- Security and Growth for All in the Region :India should use its capabilities and central location in the region to ensure a safe, secure and stable Indian Ocean Region that takes us all to the shore of prosperity.

Practice questions

  1. Enumerate the benefits of multi-modal logistics parks for India.

Railways & Airlines


Previous year questions

  1. Examine the developments of Airports in India through Joint Ventures under Public-Private Partnership(PPP) model. What are the challenges faced by the authorities in this regard. (2017)

RAG Topics



  1. New Aviation Policy
  2. Railway safety (LHB coaches)


  1. Kakodkar Committee

Practice questions

  1. Analyze the drawbacks of “New Aviation Policy” of Indian government.


Investment models
Previous year questions

  1. Explain how private public partnership agreements, in longer gestation infrastructure projects, can transfer unsuitable liabilities to the future. What arrangements need to be put in place to ensure that successive generations’ capacities are not compromised? (2014)Link1
  2. Adaptation of PPP model for infrastructure development of the country has not been free from criticism. Critically discuss the pros and cons of the model.(2013)

RAG Topics



Practice Questions

  1. India was one of the most sued countries in 2015-16. Will the country’s new model bilateral investment treaty attract and safeguard foreign investment more effectively? Analyse
  2. To reap the benefits of infrastructure investments, India needs to strengthen institutional frameworks for procurement. Discuss
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