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UPSC Prelims Topic Wise Mock Tests


UPSC civil services prelims exam is one of the most competitive exams in the whole world. This is because of very low success rate when compared to the number of candidates that take this exam every year.

Needless to say only candidates who clear prelims exam get a chance to write mains exam. Those who don’t clear it have to wait for one year to write this exam again.

This is the reason why all the UPSC toppers ask aspirants to not to neglect this part of the exam as it can make or break your dream.

Clearing prelims is not a rocket science but one needs to do comprehensive study of the standard books which cover the entire syllabus along with regular follow up on current affairs.

A good quality test series along with solid preparation is a deadly combination which helps you to surpass the cutoff comfortably.

Every attempt has been made to give the candidates the feel of UPSC level questions.

We are sure our efforts will definitely help the sincere candidates in boosting their prelims score taking it beyond the magic number.

All the best.

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Decoding UPSC Prelims Question Paper

UPSC as usual was unpredictable but we are able to see some pattern in the way prelims paper are being set.
Keen observation of paper reveals that many a times UPSC has hidden the answer in the question itself.

Below are few observations/tricks w.r.t UPSC prelims paper

  1. Words like “all” and “only” in the questions are hints that UPSC uses to help smart students to arrive at the right answer quickly and surely. Circle them and see those options with suspicion then answer will flash in your mind.
  2. If words used in options are not definite or exact in statement like drastic/enormous or extreme words like always/completely etc, then circle it and look it with suspicion. Most of the time it turns out to be wrong option.
  3. Do not attempt the question if you cannot eliminate at least two options.
  4. Regular news following is a must. One month mug up before exam will not help.
  5. Many questions related to maps. So improve your GPS system.
  6. UPSC loves to shake your basics. Make your basics very strong to avoid stumbling.

Consistent current affairs preparation + strong basics + using tricks to solve MCQs =  More than cutoff score in Prelims -> That means solid start to mains preparation -> Increased confidence -> Getting edge over others -> Great (mains + interview) score -> You will see your name in the final list 🙂


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