Science and technology

Science and technology


Previous year questions

  1. What do you understand by the term “Innovation”? Discuss the need for launching a national innovation in India? (2012)
  2. Discuss the globalization R & D and its impact on India’ development. Provide an illustration from at least sectors such sas Information Technology or Health. (2012)

RAG Topics



  1. Government’s Mission on Nanoscience and Technology


  1. STI policy – 2013


Indians in S&T and Indigenization
Previous year questions

  1. Give an account of the growth and development of nuclear science and technology in India. What is the advantage of fast breeder reactor programme in India? (2017)
  2. Why is nanotechnology one of the key technologies of the 21st century? Describe the salient features of Indian Government’s Mission on Nanoscience and Technology and the scope of its application in the development process of the country. (2016)
  3. Scientific research in Indian universities is declining, because a career in science is not as attractive as our business operations, engineering or administration, and the universities are becoming consumer oriented. Critically comment.(2014)
  4. Comment on the significance of Rasaranava in studying the history of Indian Chemistry. (2012)

RAG Topics



  1. LIGO – Gravitational Wave Analysis
  2. Research and Development in India
  3. Square Kilometre Array


  1. Thirty Metre Telescope
  2. International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor
  3. Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research
  4. Government’s Mission on Nanoscience and Technology


  1. India and World collaboration in science projects
  2. Large Hadron Collider



Practice questions

  1. The R&D sector in India is all set to witness some robust growth in the coming years. Explain the reasons for its growth and its benefits to the country with examples.

New Technology & general awareness
Previous year questions

  1. Stem cell therapy is gaining popularity in India to treat a wide variety of medical conditions including leukaemia, Thallessemia, damaged sornea and several burns. Describe briefly what stem cell therapy is and what advantages it has over other treatments? (2017)
  2. What is an FRP composite material? How are they manufactured? Discuss their applications in aviation and automobile industry (2013)
  3. What do you understand by Umpire decision review in cricket? Discuss its various components. Explain how silicon tape on the edge of a bat may fool the system? (2013)

RAG Topics



  1. Hyperloop
  2. Hydrogen Bomb
  3. Autophagy – Cell recycling
  4. Quantum communication and satellites


  1. LCD vs LED vs OLED


Quick Bytes

  1. Hyperloop is a system where magnetically levitating capsules are sent at high speeds through low-pressure tubes, thereby potentially reducing transport time — of people and goods — by more than 80%
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