Union, States and Local Bodies

Union, States and Local Bodies

Table of contents

  1. Union
  2. States
  3. Federalism
  4. Local Bodies

RAG Topics



  1. Centrally sponsored schemes


  1. Article 356 of constitution


  1. Residuary powers

Practice questions

  1. List the circumstances that lead to president’s rule in India

Previous year questions

  1. To what extent is Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, bearing marginal note “temporary provision with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir”, temporary? Discuss the future prospects of this provision in the context of Indian polity. (2016)
  2. Many State Governments further bifurcate geographical administrative areas like Districts and Talukas for better governance. In light of the above, can it also be justified that more number of smaller States would bring in effective governance at State level? Discuss. (2013)

RAG Topics



  1. Sutlej-Yamuna Link (SYL) Canal Issue
  2. Cauvery Issue


  1. How GST benefits states?
  2. Article 370


  1. Creation of new states: boon or bane

Practice questions

  1. Given the diversity in development between States, it is only prudent that land acquisition laws be customised to suit local requirements. Discuss. (Refer: Link)

Previous year questions

  1. Discuss the essentials of the 69th Constitutional Amendment Act and anomalies, if any, that have led to recent reported conflicts between the elected representatives and the institution of the Lieutenant Governor in the administration of Delhi. Do you think that this will give rise to a new trend in the functioning of the Indian federal politics? (2016)
  2. The concept of cooperative federalism has been increasingly emphasized in recent years. Highlight the drawbacks in the existing structure and the extent to which cooperative federalism would answer the shortcomings. (2015)
  3. hough the federal principle is dominant in our Constitution and that principle is one of its basic features, but it is equally true that federalism under the Indian Constitution leans in favour of a strong Centre, a feature that militates against the concept of strong federalism. Discuss. (2014)
  4. Recent directives from Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas are perceived by the `Nagas’ as a threat to override the exceptional status enjoyed by the State. Discuss in light of Article 371A of the Indian Constitution. (2013)

RAG Topics



  1. Inter state council
  2. Punchhi Commission recommendations 


  1. Competitive Federalism
  2. Special status to Delhi UT


  1. co-equal status of Union ans States

Practice questions

  1. Examine how GST will impact the federal structure of India

Local bodies
Previous year questions

  1. “The local self government system in India has not proved to be effective instrument of governance”. Critically examine the statement and give your views to improve the situation.(2017)
  2. Khap Panchayats have been in the news for functioning as extra-constitutional authorities, often delivering pronouncements amounting to human rights violations. Discuss critically the actions taken by the legislative, executive and the judiciary to set the things right in this regard.(2015)
  3. In absence of a well-educated and organized local level government system, `Panchayats’ and ‘Samitis’ have remained mainly political institutions and not effective instruments of governance. Critically discuss. (2015)
  4. Discuss the recommendations of the 13th Finance Commission which have been a departure from the previous commissions for strengthening the local government finances.(2013)

RAG Topics



  1. Minimum education qualification for local body elections


  1. Bharat broadband project


  1. Panchayats (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act

Quick bytes

  1. 73rd & 74th Amendments failed because of over structured & underpowered local governments.

Practice questions

  1. Local bodies should be given more financial devolution and autonomy, while observing financial prudence and discipline. Comment

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