Why I want to become IAS officer?

Why I want to become IAS officer?

Social recognition + Job Security + Job satisfaction + Power = IAS

Above definition of IAS is what is prevalent in Indian society. I am not greedy of power & I have achieved some sort of fame already so I do not desire it. I also have a good stable job, so job Security is not relevant to me. The only thing remaining is job Satisfaction. Is IAS the only profession which gives Job satisfaction? Off course not, from being a start-up founder to renowned musician, one can have job satisfaction. Job satisfaction can be achieved if  the work is challenging and pursued with passion.

One thing, we cannot reject is the social recognition you get by becoming IAS officer. But, will that give us lasting happiness?  People will respect because of your position and not because of  your true self. So, its better to earn the respect rather than demand/command it by becoming an IAS officer.

Some say, after cracking IAS, we need not have to prove our capability again and again. We will wear a label of Genius all through our life. Inferiority complex will never show up again. But is it good to tie all our good qualities with a Job? If we loose the job, we also loose our identity as well.

Then why civil services only ?

The true reason is very clear to me, when I am on death bed, and before closing my eyes forever, I should have no regrets. I should feel content for serving my country to the best possible extent.In short, I am looking for a peaceful death.

How does IAS help me to get a peaceful death?

1. IAS will take me from duty of imperfect obligations to duty of perfect obligations. What is charity for others is duty for IAS officers.

2. Nationalism is the new religion of India as per Swami Vivekananda. And IAS gives us an opportunity to act as a key player in the national growth.

3. The IAS provides an exciting opportunity full of challenges, a mix of field and policy making opportunity. It makes one rich in experience.

All future IAS aspirants, take your time, think about it and have clarity why you want to be an IAS officer?

Because civil services is a work for patriots, not for mere job hunters; for men and women endowed with spirit of service and not for puny self centered careerists.



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