Daily Five Apr 22 2017

Daily Five Apr 22 2017

Date: 22/04/2017
All the below notes will also be updated in the ARISE IAS RAG List for systematic revision.
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Prelims Questions

1. Gautamiputra satakarni was a ruler of which empire?
A. Vijayanagar Empire
B. Gupta Dynasty
C. Satavahana Empire
D. Hoysala Empire

2. Yokohama Strategy Plan frequently in news is related to?
A. Women Security
B. Disaster Management
C. Climate Change
D. none

3. Ostriches were found in India during Palaeolithic age. Which site holds the proof of that?
A. Deojali hading
B. Burzhom
C. Patne
D. None of them
4. Consider following statements on weather
1. The weather of a place changes year after year and decades after decades.
2. All changes in the weather are caused by the sun.
3. The temperature, humidity, and other factors are called the elements of the weather.
Which of the statements above is/are incorrect?
A. 1 Only
B. 2 and 3 Only
C. All of the above
D. None of the above

5. The Aadi Perukku,a festival in gratitude to water bodies, is celebrated in which state of India?
A. Tamil Nadu
B. Kerala
C. Chhattisgarh
D. Andhra Pradesh

1. C
2. B
3. C
4. A
5. A

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