Daily Five Feb 17 2017

Daily Five Feb 17 2017

Date: 17/02/2017
1. Today’s Tips/Tricks
2. Today’s Prelims Questions
3. Today’s QuickBytes
4. Today’s RAG topics
5. Today’s Mains Questions

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1. Today’s Tips/Tricks

Before you go to bed, spend 10 mins to revise. Recall all the topics that you would have studied on that day. Ask yourself some questions and try to answer them mentally. This will help you to remember those topics for long time.

2. Today’s Prelims Questions

1. Match the following (Dam and its corresponding river)
1)Sardar sarovar Dam : Narmada
2)Tipaimukh dam: Barak
3)Krishna Raj sagar dam:krishna
4)Tehridam: Mahanadi

Correct matches
A) 1&4only
B) 1&2only
C) 2&3only
D) 1,2,3

2. Which of the following is incorrect
a. Both Buddhism and Jainism believe that soul is present in every being and objects
b. Both Buddhism and Jainism do not believe in existence of god.
c. Both Buddhism and Jainism believe in theory of Karma
d. Both religions believe in concept of Nirvana
1. B
Focus on the Dams which are in news. Complete list:
2. A
Buddhism does not believe in soul. They have concept of non-soul (Anatma) More here: http://www.hinduwebsite.com/jainism/buddhismvsjainism.asp

3. Today’s QuickBytes (Use these quotes/figures/facts in your Mains Exam)

Aspects of Globalization

4. Today’s RAG topics

1. Digital Literacy: SOURCE
2. State funding of elections: SOURCE

5. Today’s Mains Questions

1. Define digital literacy. How a digital literacy enable people to actively and effectively participate in the democratic and developmental process and also enhance their livelihood.

2. Can state funding of elections solve the problem of corruption in Indian elections? Critically analyse the pros and cons

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