Daily Five Mar 06 2017

Daily Five Mar 06 2017

Date: 06/03/2017
1. Today’s Tips/Tricks
2. Today’s Prelims Questions
3. Today’s QuickBytes
4. Today’s RAG topics
5. Today’s Mains Questions
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1. Today’s Tips/Tricks

One thing very important in Essay is to ensure it is always topical. That means everything we write should be related to the topic and we should never deviate from it. And it should have some logical flow otherwise it becomes a bunch of random ideas

2. Today’s Prelims Questions

1. DNA molecule is used for data storage recently by scientists. Which of the following is true
a. DNA might degrade faster than CD/DVD’s
b. DNA storage is ultra-compact and can last hundreds of thousands of years
c. Both
d. None

2. Why temperature is colder on top of a mountain than at sea level?
a. lower pressure at higher altitudes
b. high pressure at higher altitudes
c. water absorbs more heat than mountain
d. Water reflects more heat than mountain
1. B

2. A

3. Today’s QuickBytes (Use these quotes/figures/facts in your Mains Exam)

The National Family Health Survey -4 (NFHS-4) for 2015-16 unvield by the Health Ministry. Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) declined from 57 to 41 per 1,000 live births between NFHS-3 (2005-06) and NFHS-4. IMR has declined substantially in almost all the states during the last decade

4. Today’s RAG topics

1. National food grid and national cold chain grid
2. Sports in school curriculum

5. Today’s Mains Questions

1. What is “National food grid”? And how does it reduce the prices of food products? Explain
2. The central government’s proposal to integrate sports in the school curriculum is a welcome move as it will help give a more serious role for sports and games in students’ education. Discuss

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