Daily Five Mar 14 2017

Daily Five Mar 14 2017

Date: 14/03/2017
1. Tips/Tricks
2. Prelims Questions
3. QuickBytes
4. RAG topics
5. Mains Questions
All the below notes will also be updated in the ARISE IAS RAG List for systematic revision.
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1. Tips/Tricks

Use Mnemonic to remember stuff easily. A Mnemonic is something which we can use to remember things much easier. As is often the case, it could be a phrase, a short song, or something that is quite easily remembered, that we use to remember something that would otherwise be difficult to remember.
Check out SDG goals menomonic
here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huPH5bExOKk&t=123s

2. Prelims Questions

1. Which of the following is true about presidential election in India
a. The value of an MLA’s vote is uniform
b. THe value of an MP’s vote depends on the population
c. Value of both MLA and MP’s vote depends on the population
d. None

2.Which of the following is incorrect
a. All tiger reserves are national parks
b. All wildlife sanctuaries are government owned
c. All states have atleast one tiger reserves
d. All the above
1. D
The value of an MP’s vote is uniform while that of an MLA depends on the population of the State he/she hails from.
Important because presidents election will happen before July this year

2. D
There were hints in the news paper for the options
a. Kawal tiger reserve recently in news is a wildlife sanctuary
b. The couple owns 300 acres of land in Brahmagiri, a mountain range in the Western Ghats, which houses the Malhotras’ Save Animals Initiative (SAI) Sanctuary. It’s probably the only private wildlife sanctuary in the country with more than 300 kinds of birds as well as many rare and threatened animal species. Jalore is another such park.

And a and b are incorrect no need to worry about c, just mark d as answer

3. QuickBytes (Use these quotes/figures/facts in your Mains Exam)

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana is a small deposit scheme of the Government of India meant exclusively for a girl child and is launched as a part of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Campaign. The scheme is meant to meet the education and marriage expenses of a girl child.

4. RAG topics

1. Software exports and hardware imports

2. All about Trade deficit

5. Today’s Mains Questions

1. India’s software exports success has been offset by rising hardware imports. Discuss the challenges faced in developing a domestic hardware base. What are the impacts on economy if “Make in India” fails.
2. Running a persistent trade deficit has many adverse effects on the economy. Elaborate

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