Daily Newspaper article’s summary 2018-11-20

Daily Newspaper article’s summary 2018-11-20

Summary of Newspaper artciles from ‘The Hindu’, ‘Economic Times’ and PIB
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Maldivian reprieve:
1.After five years of rule by a government that strong-armed political dissent domestically, the Maldives has put a pro-people administration in power, swearing in Ibrahim Solih , representing the Maldivian Democratic Party, as President on November 17.
2.The leadership has promised that what is owed will be paid, and not a penny more; and that wherever opacity cloaked the grant of land, lease rights, construction projects and more, the honouring of debts would be linked to whether a transparent and fair process was followed in the first place.
3.In this mission, the renewed bonhomie with India, reflected in the respect accorded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian delegation at the inaugural ceremony, will play a crucial role.

Quota math: on Maharashtra’s Maratha reservation proposal:
1.The assertions of backwardness by sections of dominant communities such as Marathas, Patels and Jats have largely been due to perceptions about the relative inability to move up the economic ladder, and the lack of adequate employment opportunities amid a sluggish agrarian economy.
2.Faced with violent protests, the Fadnavis government had to accept this demand, especially after the SBCC gave its stamp of approval, but there is little to suggest any substantial change since 2014 to justify it.
3.As judicial scrutiny is bound to be brought to bear on the government’s decision, it will be well-advised to look at measures to alleviate the State’s prolonged agrarian distress and the lack of adequate jobs, problems that affect all sections of society.

The many secrets buried in sheaves of paper:
1.It was about the last days of British rule in India and had the tantalising possibility of a romance thrown in between Edwina Mountbatten and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.
2.Hugh Grant and Cate Blanchett were to play the Mountbattens, and the film was to be directed by British filmmaker Joe Wright.
3.From refusing to give information on how close to 30 books were banned in independent India and how those bans were never revoked, the Ministry finally relented and offered to give information on three books: The Satanic Verses , James W. Laine’s Shivaji and Peter Heehs’ The Life of Sri Aurobindo .

Science outside labs:
1.‘Chai and Why,’ a popular outreach programme conducted by a group of faculty members of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, hosted its 250th event on November 18.
2.The programme, which has been going strong since 2009, comprises talks and demonstrations by scientists or research scholars on a science topic, pitched at an easy-to-grasp level.
3.The National Centre of Biological Sciences has in its cocktail of outreach activities a programme called ‘Out of the Lab,’ in which scientists from the institute can be invited to homes, where they address fascinating aspects of their respective fields to neighbours who have gathered together.

#MeToo: A gender curriculum:
1.Such blatant display of inappropriate behaviour, which makes women uncomfortable, shows that men in power enjoy the impunity that accompanies attitudes and acts entrenched in patriarchy.
2.That our education system is failing to teach boys and men to recognise, challenge and refrain from sexist and even unlawful behaviour must be acknowledged and tackled.
3.Among other things, education has the basic duty of ensuring that we become socially aware and sensitive beings who know how to interact and engage with people of different genders, castes, classes and communities.

A 21st century revolution: on Bill Gates’ move to scale up sanitation:
1.When Microsoft founder Bill Gates displayed a glass beaker with human faeces on stage at a sanitation conference in Beijing recently, he was praised by World Bank president Jim Yong Kim for “making poop cool”.
2.In the new order, there will be stand-alone facilities that are aesthetically designed, finely engineered and equipped with reliable chemical processes that produce nothing more than ash from solids, while reusing the liquid as non-potable water after treatment.
3.Even in an advanced State such as Tamil Nadu, which is working to upgrade its infrastructure, only 30% of urban sewage is treated, says Alkesh Wadhwani, Country Director, Poverty Alleviation, BMGF.

P.N. Haksar, a true counsellor:
1.Haksar mentored Mrs. Gandhi during her initial years in office and was the brain behind the breakup of the Congress believing that once she got rid of the “Syndicate”, she would be the instrument for social change that India needed desperately.
2.When war seemed imminent, and both the U.S. and China demonstrated overt support for Pakistan, Haksar, who was initially sceptical of a defence treaty with the Soviet Union, threw his weight behind such a pact.
3.The treaty served its purpose by paving the way for the much-needed Soviet veto that prevented the UN Security Council from calling for a ceasefire before India had reached its goal of completely liberating Bangladesh.

Criteria for the courts: on the appointment of judges:
1.Yet, even today, much as the policy of the time appears baleful to constitutional democracy, Kumaramangalam’s defence of the programme broods over the process followed in making appointments to the higher judiciary.
2.But, much as these provisions aim to ensure that the judiciary remains ensconced from governmental interference, the framers always believed that the power to appoint judges must vest with the executive.
3.The problems inherent in the present system are evident even from a bare reading of the collegium’s decision, published on October 30, 2018, endorsing the new designees to the Supreme Court: “While recommending the name of Mr.

IG International to import Alphonso mangoes from South Africa:
1.KOLKATA: Fresh fruit firm IG International on Tuesday announced importing of Alphonso mangoes from South Africa for catering to the domestic market in the ongoing festive season.
2.We at IG International understand how everyone yearns for this seasonal fruit throughout the year, especially during joyous occasions such as Diwali when they wish to offer these to the God and relish them later.
3.Since the season of Alphonso mangoes lasts for only three weeks in South Africa, a limited quantity of this variety will be air shipped to India.

India asks WTO to set up panel against US for imposing high import duty on steel, aluminium:
1.India took this decision after both the countries failed to resolve the issue in a bilateral consultation process under the dispute settlement mechanism of the WTO.
2.As per estimates, India exports steel and aluminium goods worth about USD 1.6 billion a year to America.
3.Biswajit Dhar, professor of economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, said the US decision would not only impact India’s export of these goods but would also affect global trade.

Dr Jitendra Singh releases book ‘Radio Kashmir – In Times of Peace & War’:
1.The Minister of State for Development of North Eastern Region (I/C), Prime Minister’s Office, Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr. Jitendra Singh released a book titled ‘Radio Kashmir – In Times of Peace & War’ written by Dr Rajesh Bhat, here today.
2.The book titled ‘Radio Kashmir – In Times of Peace & War’ has emanated from an extensive and intensive research by the author on the significant role played by the media in safeguarding the strategic interest of the Government and the masses by addressing the core issues concerning the welfare and security of a nation.
3.It depicts unique distinction earned by Radio Kashmir by serving people and the nation, in this region, fostering and strengthening democratic institutions in the State.

President’s Milad-Un-Nabi greetings:
1.Press Information Bureau Government of IndiaPresident’s Secretariat20-November-2018 16:34 IST
2.President’s Milad-Un-Nabi greetings The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind in his message on the eve of Milad-un-Nabi has said: –
3.“On the auspicious occasion of Milad-un-Nabi, the birthday of the Prophet, I extend my good wishes to all fellow citizens, especially to my Muslim brothers and sisters”.

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