Demerits of social media

Demerits of social media

Social media comprises primarily internet and mobile phone based tools for sharing & discussing information through social media sites like fb, twitter ( websites which allow individual to create a public or private online profile & to communicate with others )

Current context:

Constitutional provision:  

Art ( 19 ) (1) (a) says that All citizens shall have the right to freedom of speech and  expression.


Demerits of social media

Social media has rapidly increasing user base in India with increasing mobile phones and internet penetration and poses many security challenges:

● Due to their nature and scale , it is very difficult to censor these social networking sites.

● Social media provides an easy means of communication for terrorists across the globe. They use social media to spread their propaganda and to recruit terrorists

● Planning large scale riots has became easier due to social media . E.g Muzaffarpur riots (2003)

● Due to unverifiable nature social media is being used to spread rumours which cause chaos and disruptions. E.g. exodus of people of NE India from South Indian states and very recent one in Jharkhand lynching on child lifting rumours.

● Identity theft, privacy breaching, information leakages by account hacking have become common. E.g Recent account hacking of Cong. Leader Rahul Gandhi, journalist Barkha Dutt & Ravish kumar.

● Many other crimes are planned and carried out through social media e.g child and women abuse by posting violent, illegal content on social sites.

Way ahead

Social media provides a place to raise the voice for common cause which are otherwise ignored by mainstream media. Due to its power to influence the society at large and its role of information, education & communication is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy.

● The best way to manage the security implications of social media is to regulated it without impinging on freedom of speech & expression.

● The Govt. Authorities would have to pull up their socks and put in place a comprehensive mechanism to tackle the misuse of social media .

● Main stream media can also play an effective role in reducing casualties by misuse of social media by providing

authentic & authoritative information and by making people aware of rumours.

● Primary law in india dealing with cybercrime and electronic commerce is The information technology act, 2000 was amended in 2008 , need further amendment for introducing effective provisions for social media regulation according to the demand of time.

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