Ideological differences between the left wing and the right wing

Idealogical difference between the left wing and the right wing

  •  Left radical people support the change in society (believe in social equality, strengthen minority, support secularism) with extreme approach {EXTREMISTS}.
  • Right wing believe in traditional way of getting change in society {MODERISTS}.

Then came the concept of CENTRALISM came which is based on LIBERALISM (citizens are free from state control and emphasis is on Individual freedom)

Political Spectrum Chart


  • In 1789, Louis XVI convened a national assembly of the 3 estates.  When the 3 estates started getting seated in the assembly, the third estate members [common people] were made to sit on the left of the King while the first two estates [clergy and nobility] were made to the sit on the right.
  •  The third estate who were seated on the left increasingly started the anti-establishment ideas, while the right side was working on protecting the establishment. They eventually threw out the monarch, the religious authorities and the nobles. Since then Left is about change; Right is about preservation.
  • We can say that there were four components in Indian politics Congress,  Hindu nationalists, Communists and Socialists in 1920’s.
  •  The aspirations for change which erupted in 1970’s  and led the formation of first Non Congress government at centre in 1977.
  • Indian politics witnessed lot of ups and down and due to this the second decade of 21 st  century shows us very gloomy picture of our polity.
  • In present circumstances Congress party has become as status quo political force and unable to carry the aspirations of the people of the change with them and at the same time decay in communist ideology and erosion in socialist leadership has created a political vacuum in the country. It has provided ample opportunities to Hindu Nationalist to hold their grip and fulfill the space between right and liberals.


If we tend to see the politics in global perspective we can witness a new phenomenon. Before  second world war fascist and communist forces had joined the hands and this alliance of extreme left and right had made the second world war inevitable but in present circumstances we can see that moderate right and moderate left are coming together on the issues of human welfare. We have seen the coalition in Britain which is working on this pattern and this phenomenon is also visible in other parts of the western countries as well. In last presidential elections of France we have witnessed how right and left come together to insure the win of socialist leader after one and half decade.

In last presidential elections in US we have found that right have not been able to enlarge its base among left constituency and it lag them behind.


India is on the verge of redefining the right wing politics and Israel along with India will become second nation to have right wing alliance led by Hindu nationalists as for both of the nations their identity is crucial for the survival of their civilizational identity. The future of the world will be reshaped with alliance of India and Israel as both of them are complimentary to each other with India has numbers and Israel has technology and might.


In last two decades  Globalization and liberalization has created a new middle class  in India which is keen to become part of power structure with its aspirations and own agenda. This new Middle class has become the driving force of Indian economy and polity and looking for their leadership who can represent the vision of Neo Conservatives

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